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Road Tech Paving is Phoenix Arizona’s most reputable driveway paving company because we’re dedicated to our local customers, offering transparent pricing and personalized service. Your driveway is a huge investment in your residential property, so you want to get the best pavement that you can with the help of the best local paving company.

What is Asphalt?

We’ve all driven on asphalt, also known as blacktop or creosote, because it’s used on most highways and roads. This kind of pavement is made up of petroleum-based binders, sometimes called tar, surrounding aggregates like gravel or sand. Reputable paving companies custom mix each asphalt batch to compliment type of use it will get and the conditions on the property.

Why Choose an Asphalt Driveway?

Homeowners have lots of choices for driveway paving materials, but there are many advantages to asphalt pavement. This material is uniquely suited for supporting vehicles, since it’s used in roads, so asphalt will stand up to daily use. Asphalt is not only stable, but it will flex under strain instead of cracking. Asphalt is also one of the most cost-effective paving materials to install and maintain.
Asphalt Driveways From the Ground Up
  • The asphalt paving process is designed to create a driveway that will last for years or even decades with proper maintenance. Let’s look at how paving contractors install an asphalt driveway.
  • A thorough site inspection helps the asphalt experts understand what your soil conditions and drainage needs are.
  • Using special equipment, contractors grade the area where the driveway will go and compact the soil to support the pavement.
  • A gravel aggregate base creates a stable base, and the paving crew will compact and grade it as well for stability.
  • After custom mixing the asphalt, your paving company will pour asphalt while hot in a layer of 2” or more.
  • Once the asphalt cures and hardens into a solid layer, it’s ready for use. The experts recommend waiting a day to walk on a new driveway and 72 hours before driving on it. At this point, homeowners can get a sealcoat applied to protect their new asphalt driveway from wear and tear.
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Road Tech Paving has been professionally installing both commercial and residential pavement for years in communities like Scottsdale, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and more. We can design the perfect driveway for your residential property. Contact us today for more information on our high quality driveway paving.
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