Asphalt Installation

Road Tech Paving is one of the leading asphalt companies here in Arizona. We are licensed, highly experienced, and our main office is centrally located in Phoenix, AZ. For a Free Consultation give us a call today!

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In Phoenix Arizona, Road Tech Paving is the trusted asphalt installation company because we have the paving experience and design knowledge to engineer and install the right parking lot, driveway, or roadway for your property. We love helping our Arizona neighbors get the best pavement, and we’ll tackle any paving installation job, big or small.
Why Choose Asphalt?
Asphalt is ideal for high traffic pavement because the aggregates inside give it strength and structure, while the petroleum based binders give it flexibility so it doesn’t crack under the pressure of vehicles.

Parking Lot Installation

Our professional asphalt paving contractors follow a proven pavement installation process:  
  • Consult with the property manager or business owner to design the most effective pavement.
  • Prepare the site by compaction and grading soil.
  • Lay down a gravel aggregate base to the appropriate thickness, and then compact and grade that as well.
  • Apply a layer of asphalt that’s 2 inches thick or more using specialized equipment, and allow it to cure.
  • Install concrete curbs to protect asphalt edges, as well as install any drainage systems necessary to keep water from pooling on the pavement.
  • If necessary, apply a sealcoating to protect the new asphalt against wear and tear.
  • Use special traffic paint to create pavement markings for traffic control, parking spaces, and ADA compliant parking designs.
  • Complete the entire job under budget and within the timeline.
  • Consult with the property owners again to put a pavement maintenance plan in place.

Driveway Installation

Our residential clients get the same exceptional service as our commercial property owners. Our asphalt driveway installation process is similar to parking lot installation, only on a smaller scale. We understand how important it is to have a well-draining, stable base for asphalt pavement, even a driveway, so we always start with thorough site preparation and grading. We also mix our asphalt specifically for each residential property. With our experience with all kinds of paving, we can also install decorative edging, drainage systems, and concrete walkways.

Roadway Installation

Installing an asphalt roadway takes a high level of paving expertise because the requirements are very specific and driver safety is very important. Our asphalt experts take care to install thicker sub-bases and underlayers with high quality aggregates to create a stable base, and we only use specially mixed high-traffic asphalt for roadways. Our experienced crews can also paint traffic lines that are complaint with all local and national laws.

Your Arizona Asphalt Installation Experts

If you’ve been considering new asphalt pavement for your commercial or residential property, contact Road Tech Paving today. We offer free estimates and asphalt inspections
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