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Phoenix Arizona’s trusted driveway paving company, Road Tech Paving, is proud to serve area homeowners with exceptional residential paving services. This includes installing asphalt driveways, but also repairing them when they need it.

Do You Need Driveway Repair?

Some kinds of asphalt damage are obvious: cracks over a quarter inch wide, but minor cracks and deterioration also need professional repair to permanently fix. Sometimes your asphalt driveway can be vulnerable to damage without being visibly damaged. A great way to check is to see how your asphalt driveway interacts with water. After it rains, check if the water is beading on the surface or sinking into the asphalt. If water enters the asphalt, it can suffer damage. This is due to how asphalt deteriorates.

How Driveway Damage Happens

Water breaks down asphalt by getting into the tiny spaces between the tar and the aggregates inside the asphalt layer. When temperatures drop and the freezing water expands, it breaks apart the asphalt, causing cracks and eventually major damage like potholes. If the water goes beneath the asphalt layer into the gravel base, it can cause the whole thing to collapse, break, and shift. This is why timely repairs are so important to keeping your asphalt driveway safe.
The Best Driveway Repair Services in Arizona
With our experience and equipment, Road Tech Paving is able to provide area homeowners with top-notch repair services, including:
  • Crack Filling - Using high quality asphalt products and the latest repair technologies, we can fill and seal pavement cracks permanently.
  • Pothole Repair - Making a permanent fix to major asphalt damage like a pothole requires professional products and equipment. The Road Tech crew will thoroughly clean any potholes before filling them with high grade asphalt, compacting it to the level of existing pavement, and then sealing the whole area.
  • Asphalt Resurfacing - Using special milling equipment, our experienced paving contractors can remove the top layer of asphalt before replacing it with a brand new layer of undamaged asphalt. Our professional crew also has the experience to make the repair seamless.
  • Sealcoating - To seal your asphalt driveway against water damage and repair minor damage like alligator cracking, a professional asphalt sealcoating is the best kind of repair. A driveway sealcoat also counts as maintenance because it can prevent further damage. Asphalt pros recommend resealing your driveway every two years to keep it safe for family and visitors to your home.
If your residential driveway or private asphalt roadway has suffered damage from water or wear, contact Road Tech Paving right away.
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