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When customers come to your Arizona commercial property, do they see a smooth parking lot that’s easy to navigate? Or do they need to contend with bumps, cracks, and potholes? Your asphalt parking lot is a huge part of your commercial curb appeal and reflects on your investment in your business, so you need it to give a good impression. But how do property owners get that perfect parking lot?
4 Keys to Exceptional
Parking Lot Paving

1. Use Paving Contractors with Experience in Your Area

The biggest component of a quality asphalt parking lot is a quality paving company, obviously. Commercial property owners need paving contractors that have experience with all types of asphalt paving as well as understanding of local climate and conditions. An exceptional paving company will also have engineers and consultants that can find the right pavement solutions for your business without breaking the bank. Road Tech Paving, Arizona’s premier parking lot paving company, has this experience and expertise.

2. Do Proper Site Preparation

A stable, durable commercial parking lot begins with the property itself. A reputable company will be able to prepare and grade the property so that water stains away from the parking lot. This includes clearing the land, excavating, and grading services. Your trusted commercial paving company will also have engineers with experience in grading and drainage to incorporate drainage into the parking lot design.

3. Start with a Stable Base

Stable and durable pavement begins with a quality gravel aggregate base made from the highest quality aggregates. Your trusted paving company will also have paving equipment like compactors to prepare the base properly for long-lasting stability. At Road Tech Paving, we are dedicated to bring our clients the best, and this includes all paving materials and equipment. We also work in eco-friendly ways by recycling our asphalt and concrete, which saves you money as well as protects our local environment.

4. Get a Full Service Paving Company

There’s so much more to a commercial parking lot than asphalt. While a good parking lot paving company will be able to apply a stable asphalt layer, an exceptional paving company will be able to add all the finishing touches that make a quality commercial parking lot. These services include line striping to create efficient parking spaces and traffic lanes, as well as drainage systems to protect the lot. Road Tech Paving offers a wide variety of paving services that can make your commercial pavement look beautiful and stay safe for decades.
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