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Many property owners think that, once installed, asphalt pavement is going to stay perfect for decades, but asphalt pavement needs maintenance to remain beautiful and functional. Let the asphalt experts at Road Tech Paving share their expertise about asphalt pavement maintenance services so you can get the most out of your asphalt.
Paving Is Our Family Legacy

Our Exceptional Pavement Maintenance Services

Road Tech Paving maintains state of the art equipment in order to keep your pavement looking good and prevent damage over time with services like:  
  • Sandblasting & Cleaning
  • Sealcoating
  • Overlays
  • Crack Sealing

The Importance of a Maintenance Plan

Our experienced paving contractors will work closely with property managers and homeowners to craft a custom pavement maintenance plan to preserve their parking lot or driveway using only the services that are most cost effective and targeted to their specific conditions.

Benefits of Pavement Maintenance

  • Increases pavement longevity
  • Preserves your property values
  • Keeps your pavement looking good
  • Prevents major repairs
  • Protects against foot and vehicle traffic hazards

Pavement Maintenance Saves Money by Prevention

The major benefit of regular pavement maintenance is how it can save property owners money by preventing major pavement issues that will require expensive repair services later on. For example, sealing your pavement with an asphalt sealcoat can keep minor cracks from getting larger and requiring professional crack filling. A professional pavement cleaning can prevent asphalt deterioration by removing debris or standing water. Just like with the buildings on your property, it’s always cheaper to prevent problems than fix them.

Pavement Maintenance or Rehabilitation

Many types of asphalt maintenance can also serve as rehabilitation for damaged pavement and contribute to pavement longevity. It works like this: weathering can leech important oils from the surface of your pavement, making it brittle and more susceptible to cracking and deterioration. Getting a sealcoating or an asphalt overlay can replace these vital chemicals, increasing pavement flexibility as well as protecting against further UV damage and weathering. These kinds of services can breathe new life into your pavement so that it can last longer.

Road Tech Paving: Your Arizona Pavement Maintenance Experts

At Road Tech Paving, our experience with paving in Arizona means we can offer exceptional quality asphalt maintenance services that will extend the life of your parking lot or driveway by years if not decades. Contact us today for more information about our asphalt maintenance services.
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