Parking Lot Repair

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Road Tech Paving, Arizona’s leaders in asphalt repair, want all our area commercial property owners to have safe, long-lasting parking lots. We do this by offering some of the highest quality asphalt repair services in the industry, designed to help our customers revamp their pavement without breaking their budgets.
Our Cost-Effective Parking Lot Repair Services
  • Crack Sealing - Asphalt cracks only get worse if not repaired when they’re less than a quarter inch wide, and getting to them early means you avoid more expensive repairs like replacement later on. We use only the highest quality asphalt binders to completely fill in cracks, sealing over the fissure and stabilizing pavement so it doesn’t degrade.
  • Asphalt Overlay - When your parking lot has lots of cracks or major surface damage, but the underlayers are stable, an asphalt overlay can be a very cost-effective permanent fix. This repair service involves professionally cleaning the parking lot surface before applying a thin layer of new asphalt over the entire area.
  • Line Striping - Faded parking lines and traffic markings can be a real hazard to visitors to your commercial property, whether those are customers or employees. It’s important to get parking lines repainted often to keep them bright and visible.
  • Pothole Repair - It should be obvious why potholes are a real danger in a commercial parking lot: they can cause vehicle damage and are a trip hazard for foot traffic. Most commercial property owners also don’t realize that potholes can cause more serious damage, including shifting of large pavement areas, if left untreated. At Road Tech Paving, we can completely fill potholes and integrate the repair with existing pavement to protect the whole parking lot.

How Timely Repairs Save Money

The bottom line is that replacing a damaged asphalt parking lot completely is a very expensive project. While reputable contractors can recycle used pavement to save money, a parking lot replacement will cost more money and take more time than targeted repairs. Parking lot maintenance services like sealcoating can also save money by preventing issues in the first place.

Your Arizona Parking Lot Repair Experts

Road Tech Paving has been installing and rehabilitating asphalt pavement in Arizona for years, so we understand what local property owners need. Contact us today for more information about our parking lot repair services.
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