Parking Lot Striping

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For commercial properties, a safe parking lot is crucial. Road Tech Paving is committed to helping our northern Arizona commercial property managers and owners keep their customers, employees, and tenants safe by paving and maintaining their asphalt parking lots. An important aspect of a safe parking lot is visible pavement markings and parking stripes.

Does Your Property Need Parking Lot Striping?

It may be hard to admit that your parking lot needs new paint, but here are several indicators that you need to contact your local pavement experts for line striping services.
  • Visitors aren’t parking correctly because they can’t quite see where they should be parking. Sometimes you will get more illegal parking in handicapped spaces because the ADA pavement markings aren’t clear.
  • Pavement markings aren’t visible in all kinds of weather. The paint on your parking lot should be very visible against the dark asphalt, even in low light or fog.
  • Parking lines or traffic lanes are broken or missing sections. When traffic paint breaks down or separates from the pavement underneath, sections can pull away or crack.
  • Pavement, curbs, or vehicles suffer damage from accidents. When visitors to your lot can’t easily navigate your parking lot, accidents can cause all kinds of damage.

Our Efficient Parking Lot Striping Process

The paving professionals at Road Tech Paving have decades of experience in the paving industry, and we’ve developed processes for pavement maintenance that will bring your parking lot back to full function without interrupting business. Here’s how.
  • First, we consult with your property manager or business owners about their parking lot to determine what kinds of paving services are needed. We will also help design an efficient and safe parking layout.
  • Next, we clean or seal your parking lot to prepare it for painting. It’s important that your parking lot surface is smooth and unbroken to allow for an even application of paint.
  • Our paving contractors mark off the space to be painted for safety. This allows us to stripe a large lot in sections.
  • Line striping is performed with specialized equipment to lay down straight, even parking lines. Next, stencils are used for ADA designs, arrows, or other pavement markings.
  • Finally, it’s important to do parking lot striping when weather is clear but also to give it 24 hours to fully cure.

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