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Road Tech Paving is one of the leading asphalt companies here in Arizona. We are licensed, highly experienced, and our main office is centrally located in in Phoenix, AZ. For a Free Consultation give us a call today!

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Arizona’s premier asphalt paving company is Road Tech Paving because we’re a local family owned business dedicated to bringing our neighbors the best in asphalt work. Whether your Arizona property needs a large parking lot, private roadways, or a driveway, we can help.

Benefits of Asphalt
  • Long-Lasting – Asphalt pavement is very durable; when properly installed, it can last for decades.
  • Flexible – Asphalt moves and flexes with vehicle weight and temperature changes, and this quality even reduces vehicle noise!
  • Provides Proper Drainage – Correctly graded pavement lets water flow into the right places to reduce soil erosion.
  • Cost-effective – Compared to other pavement types, asphalt is cheap to install and maintain.
  • Ease of installation – Part of asphalt’s cost-effectiveness is related to installation costs, which are also low when compared to concrete or stone paving.
The Asphalt Paving Process

Installing asphalt pavement from the ground up involves several processes. First, the area to be paved needs to be fully cleared and the soil compacted. Next, a specially mixed gravel aggregate base layer is applied, compacted for stability, and graded for drainage. Finally, hot asphalt is specially mixed for the conditions on the site and poured over the base layer. Sometimes concrete or stone edging is installed to protect the edges of the pavement. Once the asphalt cures, parking lines and pavement markings can be painted with reflective traffic paint.

Common Asphalt Damage Types

Though asphalt is designed to withstand wear, time and weathering can break down the pavement. Alligator cracks, relatively shallow interconnecting cracks, are caused by repeated stress to an improperly applied asphalt layer. Temperature causing expansion and contraction can also lead to cracks. When cracks in the asphalt go deep into the gravel base, the pavement can shift, causing more cracking. An insufficient slope can let water pool on the asphalt, leading to potholes.

Asphalt Repair Services

All of this pavement damage can be fixed by various asphalt pavement repair processes.

  • Pothole repair involves cleaning and filling holes with high quality binders.
  • Crack filling uses hot asphalt binders either injected or poured into the cracks to seal the pavement.
  • Asphalt overlays spread a new asphalt layer over existing pavement with surface damage, making use of an undamaged base layer.
  • Sealcoating can provide a new surface to damaged asphalt, as well as protect the pavement against further wear and weathering.

Your Arizona Asphalt Paving Experts

Road Tech Paving has become the leader in asphalt paving for communities all over Arizona, including Phoenix, Flagstaff, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, and more. We’re locals, so we treat every paving client like a neighbor.
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