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Asphalt sealcoating is vital for northern Arizona pavement because it’s designed to protect asphalt from damaging UV rays and high temperatures. As Arizona’s trusted driveway paving company, Road Tech Paving is happy to help you protect and rehabilitate your asphalt driveway with a sealcoating. First, let’s look at why this kind of driveway maintenance is so important.

Why is sealcoating critical for Arizona pavement?

Asphalt is made from petroleum binders that hold together gravel and sand that are affected by sunlight and temperature. UV rays destroy chemical bonds inside the binders, and high temperatures can cause asphalt softening. Relentless sunlight dries out the asphalt over time, and high temperatures can make it crack under the weight of vehicles. The only way to stop this process is to apply a special sealant to the asphalt surface. In the hot, sunny climate of Arizona, applying a sealcoat to your asphalt pavement is the best way to protect against this damage and wear.

What is sealcoating?

Professional pavement sealers are made of various different materials. Some are liquid petroleum products, thinner than asphalt tar, designed to thoroughly bond with the pavement. Other components of seal coatings are liquid plastic or polymer products that provide UV ray protection and add flexibility to brittle, worn pavement. Some sealants also have sand for traction.
How do you know your asphalt
driveway needs a sealcoat?
If your driveway has gone from a dark black color to a mottled gray, then it has definitely lost important oils and is in danger of breaking down. Shallow cracking and crumbling pavement edges can also be a sign of asphalt deterioration. If your asphalt driveway has any of these conditions, you need a professional sealcoating.

Benefits of Sealcoating for Driveways in Arizona

Adding a layer of sealant to a dry, worn asphalt pavement will preserve and protect the pavement, and a sealant offers many benefits to homeowners.
  • A sealcoat creates an impenetrable barrier protects against damage from sunlight but also from water damage, keeping your asphalt looking good for longer.
  • With a sealer, your asphalt driveway will need less repair and maintenance as well.
  • Sealing saves homeowners money by preventing more expensive asphalt repairs like crack filling or resurfacing.
  • Having a smooth, black surface on your driveway increases your curb appeal.
  • Well-maintained pavement can also bring up your property values.
Your Arizona Driveway Maintenance Experts
Road Tech Paving is the area’s leaders in asphalt pavement for commercial and industrial clients, and we bring that same level of expertise and dedication to our residential paving work as well. Your asphalt driveway can have superior protection too with residential pavement maintenance services like driveway sealcoating.
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