Pavement Damage: Driveways and Parking Lots in Gilbert AZ

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Over time, your asphalt pavement will get damaged and deteriorate from oxidation and water, but you can combat pavement damage on asphalt driveways and parking lots with professional asphalt repairs from your trusted local paving company. In Gilbert AZ, this paving company is Road Tech Paving. Let us explain the different types of pavement damage and how they can be repaired.

Pavement Damage – Driveways and Parking Lots

  • Cracks – There are several types of asphalt cracking: alligator, block, edge, linear, and transverse cracks. All these different types of cracks are created either by pressure on weakened pavement or water penetrating asphalt then freezing.
  • Bumps & Depressions – Raised or sunken areas on the asphalt surface are caused when the underlayer is improperly installed and deforms or sinks.
  • Potholes – Holes in asphalt occur when pavement damage is left to worsen and a part of the asphalt deteriorates.

Repair Services to Combat Asphalt Pavement Damage

  • Crack Sealing – Professional pavement contractors use commercial grade crack fillers and state of the art pavement repair processes to fill in and seal over cracks.
  • Asphalt Milling & Resurfacing – When the surface of the pavement is deformed, it can be removed by milling and a new, smooth layer of asphalt applied.
  • Pothole Repair – After thoroughly cleaning out a pothole, they’re filled in with specialty asphalt and compacted to match existing pavement.

Get Professional Pavement Damage Repair from AZ’s Trusted Paving Company, Road Tech Paving

Whether you have a commercial parking lot or an asphalt driveway, the experienced Road Tech Paving crew can fix pavement problems with superior asphalt repair services. If you want to fix or protect your pavement, contact us right away for a free inspection.

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