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Road Tech Paving has been professionally installing, repairing, and maintaining asphalt pavement in Tempe AZ and surrounding communities for years. Our experience and integrity has made us northern Arizona’s most trusted paving companies, and we’re proud to offer Tempe AZ the best paving services for their parking lots, roadways, or driveways.

Paving Services Offered in Tempe AZ

– Parking Lot Paving

– Asphalt Sealcoating

– Asphalt Driveway Installation

– Pothole Repair

– Hot Crack Filling

  • We’re happy to work with area property managers and management companies or directly with commercial property owners to create custom pavement installation or maintenance plans.
  • Our focus is always our paving clients, and we treat every job with the same integrity and work ethic, whether it’s industrial paving or a residential driveway sealcoating.
  • We’re a family owned paving business with almost half a century of experience in the paving industry, and we bring that family focus to every client.

About Tempe AZ

Located in the East Valley metro region of Phoenix Arizona, Tempe is a large city bordering Scottsdale, Mesa, and the Salt River Pima–Maricopa Indian Community. Though surrounded by these other communities, Tempe AZ, with a 2019 population of almost 200,000, has its own unique culture and amenities as the home of Arizona State University and many nearby nature sites like the Tempe Buttes and the Salt River. Tempe Town Lake is also a highly prized natural resource with tons of attractions on its banks, including the Tempe Beach Park, a historic baseball field, and an outdoor amphitheater.

Visitors to the Tempe AZ area have a ton to choose from for fun places to visit. Those interested in Native American history have lots of places to see, including the Pueblo Grande Ruin and Irrigation Sites, which has a museum and many archaeological sites, as well as Talking Stick Resort, a casino and hotel complex. The Tempe Buttes of course are challenging but fun places to hike and bike, but closer in town is Hole-in-the-Rock, a geological formation inside Tempe’s Papago Park, where the city also holds yearly festivals. Of course Tempe Town Lake is surrounded by places to play, eat, and shop, with a lot of great local restaurants to savor.

Is it OK to pave over an existing driveway in AZ

Tempe AZ’s premier driveway paving company, Road Tech Paving, wants all our Phoenix Arizona area homeowners to have safe and beautiful driveways. As a local company, we care about our local communities, and that means keeping local homeowners safe. Unfortunately, the hot Arizona sun can quickly break down your asphalt driveway.

If your Tempe AZ asphalt driveway is cracked, gray, or brittle from sun damage, you may wonder: Is it OK to pave over an existing driveway?  Don’t worry, Road Tech Paving has the driveway repair services to help!

Asphalt Resurfacing

Resurfacing an asphalt driveway, roadway, or parking lot involves applying a layer of new asphalt, called an overlay, on top of the existing pavement surface. Asphalt overlay is especially useful when the pavement base is still stable but the surface has damage. This is often the most cost-effective driveway paving process, but cracks should be fixed first, or the damage will show through the top layer too.

Driveway Replacement

When the pavement deterioration has reached the gravel aggregate base or there are multiple cracks wider than a quarter-inch, your asphalt driveway may need to be removed and replaced. During this process, pavement contractors cut down through all layers of pavement and then fix the base layer through replacing or compacting it. Next, they pour a new layer of asphalt that’s thicker than an overlay, usually 2 inches or more, for a brand new asphalt driveway. Replacement is a much more expensive driveway repair, so homeowners should think about getting minor repairs or maintenance in a timely manner. яндекс

Whatever your Tempe AZ residential paving needs, Road Tech Paving can fix your driveway without blowing your budget! Contact us today for a free quote.

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