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For over forty years, Road Tech Paving has been professionally installing, repairing, and maintaining asphalt pavement in and around Glendale Arizona. Through the years we have become one of Glendale AZ’s most reputable paving and asphalt experts by always offering the best value for the lowest cost on all pavement projects, both residential and commercial.

Paving Services Offered in Glendale AZ

– Asphalt Repair

– Pavement Maintenance

– Parking Lot Paving

– Line Striping

– Driveway Paving

  • We strive to provide the most affordable and consistent rates for all of our bids, as most companies that exist cannot match our stellar precision and excellence of work.
  • We do not settle for delivering service that is anything but the best, as we are a multi-generational paving company with extensive experience as a licensed paving company.
  • Our company has been an active licensed paver of streets and roads in Arizona for over forty years, our tireless and essential work being responsible for connecting families together.

All About Glendale AZ

A city estimated at a population of 252,381, Glendale is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, approximately nine miles northwest of Downtown Phoenix. Back in the late 1800s, William John Murphy was in charge of building a 40-mile-long Arizona Canal from Granite Reef to New River for the Arizona Canal Company. The canal was completed in 1885, thereafter referring to land near the canal as Glendale. It wasn’t until 1895 when the original town site was planned.

Many Arizona scenic tours and getaways start in Glendale, allowing you to get outdoors and look at the stat’s unique desert geography on a beautiful tour. Axe-throwing at Lumberjaxes, archery and BMX at Heroes Regional Park, extensive skate parks, and two primary aquatic centers for swimming and water park activities are just a few of the more physical activities that await you in Glendale. The Arrowhead Towne Center has over 170 top retailers and eateries, being a vast place for you to shop, eat, and enjoy the atmosphere of Arizona living.

3 Steps to Asphalt Repair in Glendale AZ

When your asphalt fails, you need to get quality asphalt repair services for permanent fixes to your parking lot or driveway. There are plenty of ways asphalt can get damaged either by sun or water, and only the paving professionals have the right equipment and products to completely fix problems like pavement cracks and potholes.

3 Steps to Asphalt Repair

When your asphalt pavement gets serious damage like a pothole, it needs to be repaired from the ground up. Here’s the different steps to a full depth asphalt repair.

Step One: Base Layer Repair

The gravel aggregate layer is the base of the pavement, and if it’s gotten saturated with water or washed away, it needs to be replaced with new aggregates. Paving contractors will cut around the damaged pavement and remove all broken asphalt to expose this layer, then replace and compact it for a brand new base.

Step Two: Install Binding Layer

The core strength of any pavement installation is a binding layer made up of bigger aggregates and strong asphalt binders. When repairing broken asphalt, this layer needs to be replaced as well, but first the area needs to be completely cleaned and all broken pavement and debris removed.

Step Three: Top Asphalt Layer & Finishing

Pavement repairs need to be seamless, so the final step of any asphalt repair is finishing the surface and matching the level of the existing asphalt. Experienced paving contractors will compact the new asphalt layer and sometimes add a sealcoating layer to integrate the repairs.

Road Tech Paving: Glendale AZ’s Asphalt Repair Experts

In Arizona communities like Glendale, Road Tech Paving is the premier paving company, so we can handle any kind of pavement damage with the most professional asphalt repair. We have decades of experience handling asphalt problems, so we can help you get your driveway or parking lot back to full function in no time.

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