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Throughout the years, Road Tech Paving has established itself as Chandler AZ’s most trusted driveway and parking lot paving experts. We have been professionally installing commercial and residential asphalt pavement all over Arizona for over forty years. For three generations, our company has been a licensed provider of paving services.

Chandler AZ’s Best Paving Services

– Parking Lot Paving

– Asphalt Repair

– Pavement Maintenance

– Line Striping

– Driveway Paving

  • We ensure every job is affordable to our clients, while our work is noticeably superior when compared to most other paving companies.
  • Our mission statement is to connect families together through the fully licensed paving services we provide, as the world is connected through roads and streets we work to pave.
  • We never settle for doing anything less than the best, as we rely upon our multi-generational expertise and experience as a paving company to deliver work to satisfaction.

Enjoy Chandler AZ

A suburb of Phoenix and part of its Metropolitan Statistical Area, Chandler Arizona has a population estimated at 261,165 as of 2019. It is bordered by Tempe, Mesa, the Gila River Indian Community, and Phoenix, originally settled as a ranch by Dr. Alexander John Chandler in 1891. The founding day of the city was on May 16th in 1912, weathering the Great Depression until the cotton crash not long after. Williams Air Force Base helped the population surge and grow after 1941. More recently, the city has experienced exponential growth.

There are many places to go and enjoy in Chandler, such as the Chandler Fashion Center, which is the state’s second largest mall. If you want a family-friendly experience, the Crayola Experience serves as a one-of-a-kind attraction. Sixty events each and every year are hosted downtown. The Eddie Basha Collection, a free corporate art galley, features many forms of American and American Indian Art, including Apache and Pima basketry, Navajo and Zuni jewelry, oil paintings, and more. More than 100 acres are set aside in the Veterans Oasis Park, featuring the self-guided Chandler Solar System Walk, giving visitors a sense of scale visually of the solar system. One of the largest museums of its kind, the Arizona Railway Museum features a re-creation of the original Chandler train depot with a number of restored train cars from various time periods.

Chandler AZ: Step by Step Pavement Installation Process

Are you looking for a professional looking parking lot or durable driveway solution for your property? Road Tech Paving, Chandler AZ’s trusted paving contractors, have the experience and knowledge to install stable and durable pavement on both residential and commercial properties. Let’s look at our proven asphalt pavement installation process that ensures your pavement will last for decades.

Step by Step Pavement Installation Process

1. Site Preparation

Before any gravel or asphalt gets laid down, the soil underneath needs to be compacted and graded to provide proper slope.

2. Gravel Base Layer

Paving contractors apply a layer of aggregates like gravel and sometimes recycled asphalt to create a stable base for the rest of the pavement. This is also compacted and graded.

3. Binder Asphalt Layer

Between the base and the surface is a thick layer of binder asphalt that’s made out of larger aggregates mixed with special asphalt binders that are very strong and durable.

4. Asphalt Surface

The top layer of asphalt is made from different types of liquid petroleum products and finer aggregates so that there’s a smooth surface with enough traction for vehicles. This final layer is applied by hand and then compacted.

5. Curbs & Transitions

Most asphalt pavement is installed near other pavement like sidewalks or roads, and it needs to be professionally connected using joints or transitions. Concrete curbs are also common additions to asphalt pavement, as they protect the edges.

6. Pavement Finishing Services

To complete the installation, paving professionals paint parking lines or markings, or they can cover a new driveway with a sealcoating to protect it.

Road Tech Paving, Chandler AZ’s Pavement Installation Experts

In Chandler AZ, Road Tech Paving is the most reputable paving company with extensive experience in all types of pavement installation, so local property owners can rest assured that we can tackle any type of paving project. Contact us today for a free site inspection and paving estimate.

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